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Introduction of Trading Division

Entering into nowadays information society, technology with higher added-value has been expected.

Our trading division, based on the reliance cultivated during its aroung 30 years' operation as the agent for big leading devices manufacturers and technical information, could provide unique technology and know-how from LCD-based core device, to fulfill customers' most advanced demands. Moreover, by taking advantage of agency operation, we also could provide reasonable designed merchandise.

Trading Division

Development Function on Consignment

Systematic solutions centering around LCDs as core devices and provisions of peripheral circuit technologies

It is available to integrate customers' demand by interface designed to correspond to all sorts of input signals inside LCD interface field.

< Examples of designed merchandises >

  • LCD controlled mother board with built-in CPU
  • LCD controlled mother board with NTSC input
  • Analogue RGB input controlled mother board
  • LCD controlled mother board with LVDS input

Trading Agency Function

Trading Partners of Trading Division (businesses of Trading Agency Function)

Sharp Corporation, Kyocera Corporation, Gunze Limited, Japan Storage Battery Co.,Ltd., Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co.,Ltd., and many other companies.